Back Pack shopping? Every year as the kids go back to school I am reminded of the heavy weight our kids put on their backs. They aren’t even full of books yet. Then add in notebooks, pens, pencils, lunches, yesterdays lunch and last week lunches….

You know, I am not kidding.

In October, go ahead and pick up that back pack. It will be heavy. Hang it around your shoulders and clean the house.

Children don’t always complain about this because most kids just do what they are asked to do.  A lot of older teens are lugging around Laptops, I Pads, phones and chargers, change, clothes, (only to name a few!)

I can’t even count how many children I see every year with neck strain, and back pain due to the aggravation that this large weight causes.

A good solution is to purchase a back pack with a hip strap, so the weight is distributed primarily onto the hips. It might be a little difficult to find a particular color or design, but it is worth a try. And, please adjust the straps so the weight falls heavily on the hips, not onto the upper trapezious muscles and the neck. It is also best not to wait until your child has pain to adjust the straps.

I can’t think of a better way to help this situation than to bring your student in for a check-up and consistent spinal and muscular care. We get one spine, let’s treat it with care!

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